Zeta Touch

Zeta Touch (formally Raze Touch) brings the incredible Raze and EDuke32 engines Android. Play almost any BUILD engine game on the move!

Download Zeta Touch v2.1.2

v2.1.2 Changelog [26 February 2022]
* Added latest EDuke32 code as new engine version 'dev'
* Ion Fury: Removed need for 'fury.def' file
* Eduke32: Re-enabled smalloc library
* Eduke32: Fixed screen tints (E.g red tint on damage)
* Added more scaling options to 'Resolution override' slider
* Improve load time of games on Android 11+
* Fix scaling of Touch Settings so not stretched on wide devices + added fling scrolling
* Fix Ion Fury not loading from SD Card


Raze is a fork of Build engine games backed by GZDoom tech and combines Duke Nukem 3D, Blood, Redneck Rampage, Shadow Warrior and Exhumed/Powerslave in a single package. It is also capable of playing Nam and WW2 GI.

The game modules are based on the following sources:

  • Duke Nukem: JFDuke, EDuke 2.0, World Tour extensions from DukeGDX and some minor fixes from EDuke32.
  • Redneck Rampage: Nuke.YKT’s reconstructed source available in the Rednukem Git repo.
  • Blood: NBlood.
  • Shadow Warrior: SWP and VoidSW.
  • Exhumed/Powerslave: PCExhumed, with some enhancements inspired by PowerslaveGDX.

More details can be found here: https://raze.zdoom.org/about


EDuke32 is one of the best known ports of the Duke Nukem 3D engine and has far exceeded the original with advanced scripting, tons of new features and highly active development .

Thousands of mods and addons are supported!

Ion Fury is built on top of EDuke32 and is also supported by Zeta Touch (A very high-end device is needed to run with the OpenGL renderer)

More details can be found here: https://www.eduke32.com/

This Android port allows you play all the game supported by Raze and EDuke32 on your Android device, just supply your own game data files and you are ready to go! Featuring all the mobile features and enhancements you know from Delta Touch and Quad Touch

Game data downloads:
Download BLOOD on Steam: Download
Download Duke Nukem 3D on Steam: Download
Download NAM on Steam: Download
Download Redneck Rampage on Steam: Download
Download Shadow Warrior on Steam: Download
Download Ion Fury: Download

Play 6 BUILD games and their expansions
Fully configurable touch controls
Easy mod selection
Full gamepad support